Welcome to Narconon Reviews. Our organization has been operating drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prevention programs since 1964 and now has over 100 different centers in 50 countries. After 10,000 graduates and average of 1 million people per year who hear our drug prevention and drug education presentations, we have gathered a number of reviews about our facilities and programs.

This site has been developed to provide these reviews as well as key information on drugs, addiction and successful treatment.

About Narconon

In the year 1966 William Benitez hopped down from his bunk in Arizona State Penitentiary. He marked down on his calendar that he planned to start the very first residential Narconon ‘inmate’ program. At that time he gave the program the name Narconon because it meant ‘no drugs’ or ‘narcotics no.’ Many may wonder why an inmate who was serving a long prison sentence would want to start a program to help others?

The truth is that Benitez himself struggled with his own substance abuse and addiction problems. He was in and out of prisons for most of his life. One day he came upon a book in the prison library written by a man named L. Ron Hubbard called Fundamentals of Thought. Through what he read in this book he was able, for the first time, to have a real solution to his own drug addiction problem. Willie became so grateful for this information that he wanted to share it with others. As a former heroin addict he truly knew the devastation and hopelessness of addiction.

After the first Narconon prison program began in Arizona the Narconon organization started to be formed the first residential facility opened in Los Angeles. Benitez spent the rest of his life helping others through Narconon and the technology that was composed by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Narconon Program

One of the reasons why Narconon is unique is because the modality of treatment differs from any other problem out there. It is delivered in two phases; the first being to handle the physical aspect of the problem and the second, which encompasses the mental and emotional components.

Phase 1 of Narconon is where patients are able to enroll in Drug Free Withdrawal following by a communication course called the Therapeutic Training Routines Course. From there they begin a regimen called the New Life Detoxification Program where they are able to ‘sweat out’ toxins from their bodies. This program consists of intermitted periods in a dry heat sauna, plenty of water, vitamins and mineral supplements and a standard sleep schedule with a healthy diet.

Phase 2 of the Narconon program is where clients learn life skills in order to resolve the mental and emotional components of their addictions. The curriculum is set up through courses that do the following:

  1. Improve communication, confront and control
  2. Allow clients to look at their fellow associates and relationships with them
  3. Teach them personal values and integrity and allow them to take responsibility for past transgressions
  4. Give them the tools to improve their conditions in life
  5. Supply them with a moral code to happiness
  6. Help them to resolve any other person issues related to their addiction(s).

Based on recent Outcome Monitoring Studies, the Narconon program achieves a success rate where the large majority of graduates are off drugs, crime-free and employed two years after completion of the program. The treatment ranges from 3-5 months, on average.

We will be publishing regular reviews on this site and invite you to contact us with any reviews you would like to submit about Narconon.


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